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Omni “Patriot” Faceting Machine

Some interesting developments lately – someone noticed that several Omni faceting machines have been posted for sale on ebay, one of them labelled the “Patriot Faceting Machine”. These are being given outrageous prices – Buy It Now for $3,199. I … Continue reading

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Modifications I’ve Done to My Omni

In this section I’ll be posting pictures of modifications I’ve done to my Omni Faceting Machine. At present I’m concentrating on how to improve the reliability of the machine and correct some of the glaring design flaws. The first two … Continue reading

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Modifying The Omni Faceting Machine

In this section I’ll be posting different modifications that I have done to my Omni. These modifications will definitely void your Omni’s warranty (if you care). But by now you’ve probably realized that and I’m not going to mention it … Continue reading

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It’s Live!

Well, after quite a few hours of fiddling and some last-minute technical trouble-shooting of the web hosting, the omnifaceter.net website is finally up and running! Thank-you to those who have seen and help guided this site during is conception and … Continue reading

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The Omni Model Reviewed by Faceters.com Isn’t the One Shipping

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni faceting machine: “The OMNI machine is well designed and it is obvious when I cut on the machine that this design has evolved over a long period of time… In conclusion, the … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Design Flaws

After starting to disassemble my Omni-E Faceting Machine, I discovered several things which cause me grave concern. This section will discuss the various design flaws and poor craftsmanship that I’ve uncovered on my Omni. In short, there are three significant … Continue reading

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Omni Bottom Cover and Pulley Assembly

In order to disassemble any of the Platen, Spindle, Splash Pan, or Bearings you will first need to remove the bottom pulley cover and the Spindle Pulley. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the bottom pulley cover … Continue reading

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Omni Disassembly First Steps

This section details how to disassemble the various parts of the Omni Faceting Machine. Note: Disassembling your machine will void your warranty. I am in no way responsible for any eventualities should you decide to disassemble your machine. First steps: … Continue reading

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Omni-E Alignment Problems – Many Different Issues

In my quest to adjust the alignment of my Omni, I discovered that there were a few different issues at hand. The Mast is not perpendicular to the Base Plate The Base Plate is not flat The Platen is not … Continue reading

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