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Another Omni Owner’s Spindle and Platen

There has been a bit of huff and bluster from a certain source lately regarding tearing a “pressed bearing apart on the platten of a faceting machine”. He claims that the Omni faceting machine spindle was pressed into the spindle … Continue reading

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New Spindle Has Arrived!

As I wrote about in my New Spindle Design post, I have designed what I think is a better Spindle and Platen for my Omni faceting machine. And it’s just arrived today! I’ll write more later, but here are a … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Can’t Use Topper Laps

Further to my complaint about the Spindle Hold-down Screw being inadequate and the Spindle itself not being the correct diameter so the laps slop around, I’ve now discovered that the Omni Faceting Machine can’t handle using cheap “topper” laps. Topper … Continue reading

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New Spindle Design

I’ve decided I want to have a new Spindle and Platen for my Omni, so I’ve drawn up a new design. The basic design is the same as the original Spindle and Platen except that the Spindle will extend above … Continue reading

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Lap Hold-down Screw

The Lap Hold-down Screw that came with my Omni Faceting Machine is a small knurled screw with a right-hand thread. The standard washer that comes with it is brass. The problem with this is that it would undo itself as … Continue reading

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Spindle Diameter is Off

The Omni Faceting Machine I received has a Spindle diameter that is too small for my laps. Every lap I have – Crystallite plated, old Maja Mfg Steel, Ceramic, Batt, Lightning Lap with standard 1/2″ arbor holes – all slop … Continue reading

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Removing the Splash Pan

The Splash Pan can be removed from the Omni Spindle Housing quite easily. Remove the Platen and Spindle first. Once the Platen and Spindle have been removed, look under the Splash Pan to locate the attachment screws. Using a 3/32″ … Continue reading

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Removing the Spindle and Platen

First remove the bottom drive belt cover, drive belts and Pulley from the Spindle. At this point all you need to do is get a wooden dowel or block of wood and carefully tap/press against the bottom end of the … Continue reading

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