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Aligning the Mast

Disclaimer: performing this procedure may void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk. Warning: this is a slow and tedious process. If you are not mechanically inclined, think wrenches can be used as hammers or have a short fuse — … Continue reading

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Omni Swing Arm and Mast Disassembly

Removing the Swing Arm and Mast from the Omni Faceting Machine is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. Please ensure you have completed the Omni Disassembly First Steps before proceding. Removing the Mast Tip the machine back so you can … Continue reading

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Omni Mast Not Aligned

Initially I had made the assumption that the major components of the Omni – such as the Base Plate, Swing Arm and Mast – would not require any adjustment or modifications. However as I progressed in trying to align my … Continue reading

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