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Patriot Faceting Machine Update

I got an email from someone today and they mentioned the Patriot faceting machine. As I have not really seen anything lately I did a search for “Patriot Faceting Machine” in Google just now. The good news? My omnifaceter.net website … Continue reading

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45 Degree Angle Adapter Defect from David Hudson

David Hudson posted a comment on his experience with the Omni faceting machine’s 45 degree angle adapter yesterday. His comment can be found here: https://www.omnifaceter.net/another-omni-owners-spindle-and-platen/#comment-23 He forwarded me some photos to back up his text. I’ve copied his comments here … Continue reading

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Lap Hold-down Screw

The Lap Hold-down Screw that came with my Omni Faceting Machine is a small knurled screw with a right-hand thread. The standard washer that comes with it is brass. The problem with this is that it would undo itself as … Continue reading

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Modifications I’ve Done to My Omni

In this section I’ll be posting pictures of modifications I’ve done to my Omni Faceting Machine. At present I’m concentrating on how to improve the reliability of the machine and correct some of the glaring design flaws. The first two … Continue reading

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Warped Omni Base Plate

On every other machine the flatness of the base plate is critical. These machines need it to be precision-ground so that the mast will remain in the same orientation as it slides back and forth along the base plate. For … Continue reading

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What Does the Omni Warranty Actually Cover?

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni, the Omni comes with a Lifetime Warantee on Parts and 1 Year Warranty on Electronics (text bolded by me for emphasis): “Parts and service are one of the main considerations that you … Continue reading

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The Omni Model Reviewed by Faceters.com Isn’t the One Shipping

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni faceting machine: “The OMNI machine is well designed and it is obvious when I cut on the machine that this design has evolved over a long period of time… In conclusion, the … Continue reading

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Flooded Bearings a Fact of Omni Use

I have been contacted by several different Omni-E Faceting Machine owners. All of us have experienced water leaks and bearing problems on our machines, and those of us who have sent them back to the Jersey Instruments factory for repair … Continue reading

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Omni Bottom Cover and Pulley Assembly

In order to disassemble any of the Platen, Spindle, Splash Pan, or Bearings you will first need to remove the bottom pulley cover and the Spindle Pulley. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the bottom pulley cover … Continue reading

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Pulley Quality Control

As I was taking Platen and Spindle out of my Omni, I had to remove the Spindle Pulley underneath the machine. What you see here are some photos of the Spindle Pulley quality. So what do you think of the … Continue reading

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