What Does the Omni Warranty Actually Cover?

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni, the Omni comes with a Lifetime Warantee on Parts and 1 Year Warranty on Electronics (text bolded by me for emphasis):
“Parts and service are one of the main considerations that you should think about when you are buying a new or used faceting machine. OMNI is warranteed for life time on mechanical parts and 1 year for electronics.

I see no such warranty stated anywhere on the invoice I received, the Jersey Instruments Website, or on the Faceters.com page where he sells the Omni.

What is the Official Warranty on the Omni?

According to the user manual that came with my Omni, it is:

“(36) WARRANTIES. We will correct any mechanical fault detrimental to the operation of the machine for which the manufacturer is responsible.
Motor: – Manufacturer’s warranty is twelve months from date of purchase of the machine.
Control: – Same as motor”

When I sent my machine back to the owner of Jersey Instruments for servicing to correct my alignment problems, he shipped it back to me and charged me $235 for the work and shipping. His email summary stated:

“There was evidence that at some point in this machines past, the spindle bearings were flooded. I will enclose one of the bearings for you. Your machine was restored to like new condition. New spindle bearings were installed. Two upgrades were installed. The machine was re-calibrated and cleaned.”

Never mind that the Omni was not returned in “like new condition”, unless all Omnis are shipped out of alignment and with poorly-machined parts.

I emailed him to ask what the “upgrades” were but he didn’t reply. I now know that one of the “upgrades” were to replace the ball bearing at the top of the mast (which the fine height adjustment sits on) with a larger one.

My questions are:

Given what I’ve documented in the Omni Design Flaws section, isn’t a flooded bearing a warranty issue?

Since the Omni has a design flaw that means *EVERYONE* who owns this model WILL flood their bearings, isn’t this a “mechanical fault detrimental to the operation of the machine for which the manufacturer is responsible”?

If the manufacturer isn’t responsible for a design flaw that will damage the machine, is the user at fault for doing nothing more than utilizing the machine in a fashion it is marketed and sold for?

Is this the sort of warranty support you expect from a manufacturer?

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