Avoid Sierra Gems – Unethical Ripoff Company

Okay, it’s been a while since something has gotten under my skin enough to deserve a post. But this weekend it was pointed out on the Gemology Online forum that Sierra Gems is trying to rip off customers as well as Jon Rolfe (aka Gearloose) by creating a product that is very similar in look-and-feel as well as using the Gearloose.com old product information copy for it.

Gearloose.com does not white-label or otherwise make products sold under other brand names.

At their site here, Sierra Gems are selling “Diamond Stick 60K Grit”polish in a dispenser with a label and dispenser that is very similar to the Gearloose Lapidary 60K DIASTIK diamond polish.


What makes it all the more galling is that the Sierra Gems rip-off uses advertising copy that was plagiarized from an earlier version of Jon’s DIASTIK diamond polish product information page, as well as text on the label that is almost a direct copy of the real diamond polish.

This is not the first time something questionable has pointed out about Sierra Gems, nor is it the first time they’ve plagiarized product info from Gearloose.com for products that are not from Gearloose.

I strongly urge anyone who’s considering buying from Sierra Gems to reconsider and find a reputable dealer. They have shown that they are not an ethical nor good-standing member of the faceting community. A consumer boycott would send the message.

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