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A too-common problem with the Omni is consistently poor alignment from the factory.

Omni Digital Encoder Drift

Over the past year and a bit I’ve heard from several people who own Omni-E faceting machines who have trouble with their digital angle readout spontaneously changing degrees without rhyme or reason. I had not experienced that until recently and … Continue reading

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Warped Omni Base Plate

On every other machine the flatness of the base plate is critical. These machines need it to be precision-ground so that the mast will remain in the same orientation as it slides back and forth along the base plate. For … Continue reading

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Omni Mast Not Aligned

Initially I had made the assumption that the major components of the Omni – such as the Base Plate, Swing Arm and Mast – would not require any adjustment or modifications. However as I progressed in trying to align my … Continue reading

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Omni Platen Vertical Runout AKA “Platen Hop”

My platen – the flat part the lap rests upon – is not flat. This means as you cut a stone, the lap has high and low spots as it rotates which continually tap-tap-tap on the stone. I had a … Continue reading

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Platen Tilt Alignment Problem

To illustrate the Platen Tilt alignment problem I have a couple of photos. There is an angular slope to the platen with the low point at the control box side and high point at the user side. With a dop … Continue reading

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Omni-E Alignment Problems – Many Different Issues

In my quest to adjust the alignment of my Omni, I discovered that there were a few different issues at hand. The Mast is not perpendicular to the Base Plate The Base Plate is not flat The Platen is not … Continue reading

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