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Some of the many design flaws uncovered during disassembly of my Omni-e faceting machine.

Measuring Quill Runout

I’ve had a few emails asking the best way to test the runout on your Omni faceting machine quill. I didn’t take any photos when I did it using a standard dial indicator and stand, and I don’t particularly recommend … Continue reading

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Another Frustration – Quill Runout

As many of you who’ve managed to wade through all the text on this site know, my main frustration with the Omni faceting machine is that I can’t cut rectangular stones or step cuts without extreme aggravation. Meet points just … Continue reading

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New Polymetric Transfer Jig

Updated Feb 7, 2010 – added photos of the Polymetric Transfer Jig. On a tip from a reader I ordered a transfer jig from Polymetric. I finally have given it a try and it works much better than the stock … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Can’t Use Topper Laps

Further to my complaint about the Spindle Hold-down Screw being inadequate and the Spindle itself not being the correct diameter so the laps slop around, I’ve now discovered that the Omni Faceting Machine can’t handle using cheap “topper” laps. Topper … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Head Design Flaw

I’ve written on a bit about the Omni Faceting Machine head design in my GemologyOnline post. One thing that I noted was the Omni Facet Head has the index pin on the bottom of the head. At the time I … Continue reading

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Spindle Diameter is Off

The Omni Faceting Machine I received has a Spindle diameter that is too small for my laps. Every lap I have – Crystallite plated, old Maja Mfg Steel, Ceramic, Batt, Lightning Lap with standard 1/2″ arbor holes – all slop … Continue reading

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The Omni Transfer Jig is Sloppy

There have been several people writing about the Omni Transfer Jig not being accurate and introducing transfer alignment errors. I too am experiencing these problems, but I have been able to isolate the cause and reduce its effects during transfer. … Continue reading

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Omni Swing Arm Flex

As detailed in the Swing Arm Disassembly page, the Omni Swing Arm flexes when you handle the Faceting Head. This flex can be reduced but not eliminated by tightening the Swing Arm mounting nut underneath the Swing Arm. However tightning … Continue reading

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Flooded Bearings a Fact of Omni Use

I have been contacted by several different Omni-E Faceting Machine owners. All of us have experienced water leaks and bearing problems on our machines, and those of us who have sent them back to the Jersey Instruments factory for repair … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Design Flaws

After starting to disassemble my Omni-E Faceting Machine, I discovered several things which cause me grave concern. This section will discuss the various design flaws and poor craftsmanship that I’ve uncovered on my Omni. In short, there are three significant … Continue reading

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