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Photos of the Omni-E Faceting Machine being disassembled.

Omni Quill Disassembly

So after all this time, why would I suddenly decide to take my Omni Faceting Machine’s most delicate components apart? If you’ve been following my Blog entries you’ll remember the Another Frustration – Quill Runout post. To be to the … Continue reading

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Omni Swing Arm and Mast Disassembly

Removing the Swing Arm and Mast from the Omni Faceting Machine is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. Please ensure you have completed the Omni Disassembly First Steps before proceding. Removing the Mast Tip the machine back so you can … Continue reading

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Omni Bottom Cover and Pulley Assembly

In order to disassemble any of the Platen, Spindle, Splash Pan, or Bearings you will first need to remove the bottom pulley cover and the Spindle Pulley. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the bottom pulley cover … Continue reading

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Omni Disassembly First Steps

This section details how to disassemble the various parts of the Omni Faceting Machine. Note: Disassembling your machine will void your warranty. I am in no way responsible for any eventualities should you decide to disassemble your machine. First steps: … Continue reading

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Removing the Splash Pan

The Splash Pan can be removed from the Omni Spindle Housing quite easily. Remove the Platen and Spindle first. Once the Platen and Spindle have been removed, look under the Splash Pan to locate the attachment screws. Using a 3/32″ … Continue reading

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Removing the Omni Spindle Housing

First remove the Platen and Spindle. Removing the Splash Pan will make your job easier, though the photos here show removing the Spindle Housing with the Splash Pan still attached. The Spindle Housing is a machined block of aluminum which … Continue reading

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Removing the Motor, Controller Box and Drip Tank Stand

Removing the Omni Motor, Controller Box and Drip Tank Stand is rather simple. You need to have completed the Disassembly First Steps and Omni Bottom and Pulley Assembly steps first. Spin the Motor Pulley so you can locate the set … Continue reading

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Removing the Spindle and Platen

First remove the bottom drive belt cover, drive belts and Pulley from the Spindle. At this point all you need to do is get a wooden dowel or block of wood and carefully tap/press against the bottom end of the … Continue reading

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