Crap Customer Services from Bay Centerless

Well, I hate to do this but I’m getting totally frustrated and pissed-off with manufacturers who just have no idea about customer service.

Back in the beginning of October I sent in a request to Bay Centerless, in Hollister CA, inquiring about 0.300″ centerless-ground brass or stainless steel stock to have made into dops for my Omni.

My initial inquiries were answered quickly by George Zirbes, who on their website states he’s the CEO. He suggested that he could provide finished dops rather than stock rod – so I engaged in a few more emails detailing exactly what I was looking for. He got a bit weird once I sent him a photo of the dops – he was quite concerned about being implicated in assisting me steal someone else’s design. So we modified the designs slightly to make them uniquely mine, and then proceeded to determining the materials. And then he was to send me a quote for a set of 16 flat/cone dops in various diameters. And then…

Nothing. I sent him a couple more emails over the next couple of weeks (we’re into mid-November now). No response. Nada. Dead air.

Finally, in frustration I sent him a final email in mid-February saying that I was upset that he didn’t have the courtesy to reply even if it was to say he wasn’t interested in the job any more, and that I hope he treated his other customers better. That got an immediate reply – saying he’d check into what happened to the quote email and he’d get right back.

It’s been a month now, and no reply. So, after spending a month working with him to define the product and everything, he dumped me and refuses to respond further.

You all know what I think of companies with bad customer service, so here’s another one for the Wall of Shame. I would suggest that you can find a better company to do business with than Bay Centerless.

If you should decide to try for yourself, here’s Bay Centerless’ contact info:

Bay Centerless Grinding
1690 Lana Way Unit B
California 95023

Now, if anyone has any suggestions on another supplier I can work with to actually get some dops made for under $40 each, I’m all ears…

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