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My Custom Omni-E Splash Pan

Here’s a quick pictoral guide to how I created my $5 custom splash pan for my Omni-E faceting machine. This is a more detailed set of pictures and instructions than in my blog post $5 + 2 Hours = New … Continue reading

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2 Hours + $5 = New Splash Bowl

I’ve been trying to find some time to put up a full post on this, but I just haven’t been able to. A couple of weeks ago I finally ran to the Dollar Store and picked up a bunch of … Continue reading

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Replace Your Omni Bearings with Proper Ones

My Omni Faceting Machine shipped with NSK 6202VV bearings. These bearings are deep-groove ball bearings with double rubber seals – one on each side. However they are “non-contact” seals, meaning that the rubber does not touch the inner ring of … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Head Design Flaw

I’ve written on a bit about the Omni Faceting Machine head design in my GemologyOnline post. One thing that I noted was the Omni Facet Head has the index pin on the bottom of the head. At the time I … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Omni Spindle Bearings

Here is a simple modification I did to my Splash Pan to help protect the Spindle Bearings and other components from water and corrosion. After disassembling the Platen and Spindle and Splash Pan I washed out all the rock dust … Continue reading

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Flooded Bearings a Fact of Omni Use

I have been contacted by several different Omni-E Faceting Machine owners. All of us have experienced water leaks and bearing problems on our machines, and those of us who have sent them back to the Jersey Instruments factory for repair … Continue reading

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Removing the Splash Pan

The Splash Pan can be removed from the Omni Spindle Housing quite easily. Remove the Platen and Spindle first. Once the Platen and Spindle have been removed, look under the Splash Pan to locate the attachment screws. Using a 3/32″ … Continue reading

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Removing the Omni Spindle Housing

First remove the Platen and Spindle. Removing the Splash Pan will make your job easier, though the photos here show removing the Spindle Housing with the Splash Pan still attached. The Spindle Housing is a machined block of aluminum which … Continue reading

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