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Resolving the Swing Arm Alignment Problem

Well, this is the way I’ve managed to get rid of the alignment problems between the Base Plate, Swing Arm, Mast and Platen assemblies. A bit extreme, but it definitely gets rid of at least 3 separate intractable alignment issues. … Continue reading

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Warped Omni Base Plate

On every other machine the flatness of the base plate is critical. These machines need it to be precision-ground so that the mast will remain in the same orientation as it slides back and forth along the base plate. For … Continue reading

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Removing the Motor, Controller Box and Drip Tank Stand

Removing the Omni Motor, Controller Box and Drip Tank Stand is rather simple. You need to have completed the Disassembly First Steps and Omni Bottom and Pulley Assembly steps first. Spin the Motor Pulley so you can locate the set … Continue reading

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