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Omni-E Digital Encoder

I’ve just posted an article about the Omni-E Faceting Machine’s digital encoder. I finally got the time and energy to take apart the Omni’s faceting head and encoder and snap some pictures. What did I discover? Nothing that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Omni-E Digital Encoder Disassembly

I’ve opened up the digital encoder used in the Omni-E faceting machine. It’s a US Digital E5 Optical Kit encoder. Click on the link to have a look at the specifications or you can download the E5 specifications in pdf … Continue reading

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Omni Digital Encoder Drift

Over the past year and a bit I’ve heard from several people who own Omni-E faceting machines who have trouble with their digital angle readout spontaneously changing degrees without rhyme or reason. I had not experienced that until recently and … Continue reading

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