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Modifying The Omni Faceting Machine

In this section I’ll be posting different modifications that I have done to my Omni. These modifications will definitely void your Omni’s warranty (if you care). But by now you’ve probably realized that and I’m not going to mention it … Continue reading

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What Does the Omni Warranty Actually Cover?

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni, the Omni comes with a Lifetime Warantee on Parts and 1 Year Warranty on Electronics (text bolded by me for emphasis): “Parts and service are one of the main considerations that you … Continue reading

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Flooded Bearings a Fact of Omni Use

I have been contacted by several different Omni-E Faceting Machine owners. All of us have experienced water leaks and bearing problems on our machines, and those of us who have sent them back to the Jersey Instruments factory for repair … Continue reading

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Pulley Quality Control

As I was taking Platen and Spindle out of my Omni, I had to remove the Spindle Pulley underneath the machine. What you see here are some photos of the Spindle Pulley quality. So what do you think of the … Continue reading

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Removing the Omni Spindle Housing

First remove the Platen and Spindle. Removing the Splash Pan will make your job easier, though the photos here show removing the Spindle Housing with the Splash Pan still attached. The Spindle Housing is a machined block of aluminum which … Continue reading

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