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Patriot Faceting Machine Update

I got an email from someone today and they mentioned the Patriot faceting machine. As I have not really seen anything lately I did a search for “Patriot Faceting Machine” in Google just now. The good news? My omnifaceter.net website … Continue reading

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45 Degree Angle Adapter Defect from David Hudson

David Hudson posted a comment on his experience with the Omni faceting machine’s 45 degree angle adapter yesterday. His comment can be found here: https://www.omnifaceter.net/another-omni-owners-spindle-and-platen/#comment-23 He forwarded me some photos to back up his text. I’ve copied his comments here … Continue reading

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Another Omni Owner’s Spindle and Platen

There has been a bit of huff and bluster from a certain source lately regarding tearing a “pressed bearing apart on the platten of a faceting machine”. He claims that the Omni faceting machine spindle was pressed into the spindle … Continue reading

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Omni Quill Disassembly

So after all this time, why would I suddenly decide to take my Omni Faceting Machine’s most delicate components apart? If you’ve been following my Blog entries you’ll remember the Another Frustration – Quill Runout post. To be to the … Continue reading

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Quill Runout Update

It’s been a while since I have had some time to work on the site. During the past few weeks I’ve taken apart my Omni faceting head and photographed it. I will be posting photos of the process hopefully in … Continue reading

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Another Frustration – Quill Runout

As many of you who’ve managed to wade through all the text on this site know, my main frustration with the Omni faceting machine is that I can’t cut rectangular stones or step cuts without extreme aggravation. Meet points just … Continue reading

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Spindle Diameter is Off

The Omni Faceting Machine I received has a Spindle diameter that is too small for my laps. Every lap I have – Crystallite plated, old Maja Mfg Steel, Ceramic, Batt, Lightning Lap with standard 1/2″ arbor holes – all slop … Continue reading

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Warped Omni Base Plate

On every other machine the flatness of the base plate is critical. These machines need it to be precision-ground so that the mast will remain in the same orientation as it slides back and forth along the base plate. For … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Design Flaws

After starting to disassemble my Omni-E Faceting Machine, I discovered several things which cause me grave concern. This section will discuss the various design flaws and poor craftsmanship that I’ve uncovered on my Omni. In short, there are three significant … Continue reading

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Pulley Quality Control

As I was taking Platen and Spindle out of my Omni, I had to remove the Spindle Pulley underneath the machine. What you see here are some photos of the Spindle Pulley quality. So what do you think of the … Continue reading

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