Omni Faceting Machine Design Flaws

After starting to disassemble my Omni-E Faceting Machine, I discovered several things which cause me grave concern.

This section will discuss the various design flaws and poor craftsmanship that I’ve uncovered on my Omni.

In short, there are three significant issues I have discovered on my Omni. You may draw your own conclusions as to whether these are just my machine or systemic to all Omni Faceting Machines.

  1. Flooded Spindle Bearings/Leaks/Corrosion – A critical design flaw that Jersey Instruments is blaming on owner abuse and thus charging for warranty work.
  2. Inaccurate Transfer Jig – Another critical design flaw that means when you transfer your stone to another dop you’ll likely be well out of alignment.
  3. Omni Faceting Machine Swing Arm Flex – Due to poor choice of materials and improper tightening of the Swing Arm at the factory, the arm flexes with even gentle hand pressure.
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