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New Polymetric Transfer Jig

Updated Feb 7, 2010 – added photos of the Polymetric Transfer Jig. On a tip from a reader I ordered a transfer jig from Polymetric. I finally have given it a try and it works much better than the stock … Continue reading

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The Omni Transfer Jig is Sloppy

There have been several people writing about the Omni Transfer Jig not being accurate and introducing transfer alignment errors. I too am experiencing these problems, but I have been able to isolate the cause and reduce its effects during transfer. … Continue reading

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The Omni Model Reviewed by Faceters.com Isn’t the One Shipping

According to the Faceters.com review of the Omni faceting machine: “The OMNI machine is well designed and it is obvious when I cut on the machine that this design has evolved over a long period of time… In conclusion, the … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Design Flaws

After starting to disassemble my Omni-E Faceting Machine, I discovered several things which cause me grave concern. This section will discuss the various design flaws and poor craftsmanship that I’ve uncovered on my Omni. In short, there are three significant … Continue reading

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