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45 Degree Angle Adapter Defect from David Hudson

David Hudson posted a comment on his experience with the Omni faceting machine’s 45 degree angle adapter yesterday. His comment can be found here: https://www.omnifaceter.net/another-omni-owners-spindle-and-platen/#comment-23 He forwarded me some photos to back up his text. I’ve copied his comments here … Continue reading

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Replace Your Omni Bearings with Proper Ones

My Omni Faceting Machine shipped with NSK 6202VV bearings. These bearings are deep-groove ball bearings with double rubber seals – one on each side. However they are “non-contact” seals, meaning that the rubber does not touch the inner ring of … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Can’t Use Topper Laps

Further to my complaint about the Spindle Hold-down Screw being inadequate and the Spindle itself not being the correct diameter so the laps slop around, I’ve now discovered that the Omni Faceting Machine can’t handle using cheap “topper” laps. Topper … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Head Design Flaw

I’ve written on a bit about the Omni Faceting Machine head design in my GemologyOnline post. One thing that I noted was the Omni Facet Head has the index pin on the bottom of the head. At the time I … Continue reading

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Lap Hold-down Screw

The Lap Hold-down Screw that came with my Omni Faceting Machine is a small knurled screw with a right-hand thread. The standard washer that comes with it is brass. The problem with this is that it would undo itself as … Continue reading

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Modifications I’ve Done to My Omni

In this section I’ll be posting pictures of modifications I’ve done to my Omni Faceting Machine. At present I’m concentrating on how to improve the reliability of the machine and correct some of the glaring design flaws. The first two … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Omni Spindle Bearings

Here is a simple modification I did to my Splash Pan to help protect the Spindle Bearings and other components from water and corrosion. After disassembling the Platen and Spindle and Splash Pan I washed out all the rock dust … Continue reading

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The Omni Transfer Jig is Sloppy

There have been several people writing about the Omni Transfer Jig not being accurate and introducing transfer alignment errors. I too am experiencing these problems, but I have been able to isolate the cause and reduce its effects during transfer. … Continue reading

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Omni Swing Arm Flex

As detailed in the Swing Arm Disassembly page, the Omni Swing Arm flexes when you handle the Faceting Head. This flex can be reduced but not eliminated by tightening the Swing Arm mounting nut underneath the Swing Arm. However tightning … Continue reading

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Omni Swing Arm and Mast Disassembly

Removing the Swing Arm and Mast from the Omni Faceting Machine is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. Please ensure you have completed the Omni Disassembly First Steps before proceding. Removing the Mast Tip the machine back so you can … Continue reading

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