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Slipping Faceting Head Angle Problem

Here is another fix for the Omni-e as sent to me by another owner, Christa Starr (thanks and sorry for the delay in posting!) Her problem was that it seemed her encoder was broken, as the angle would change whenever … Continue reading

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Custom Quills

I am sold out of the custom-made stainless-steel collet quills. I have no plans to make any more. This dop was the final change I made to my Omni-e Faceting Machine before abandoning the swing-arm base completely and moving to … Continue reading

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Quill Disassembly Instructions

I’ve just posted my instructions on how to Remove the Quill from your Omni Faceting Machine. This is the first step required if you want to replace your Quill with another. Enjoy! -Allan

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Omni Quill Disassembly

So after all this time, why would I suddenly decide to take my Omni Faceting Machine’s most delicate components apart? If you’ve been following my Blog entries you’ll remember the Another Frustration – Quill Runout post. To be to the … Continue reading

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Another Frustration – Quill Runout

As many of you who’ve managed to wade through all the text on this site know, my main frustration with the Omni faceting machine is that I can’t cut rectangular stones or step cuts without extreme aggravation. Meet points just … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Machine Head Design Flaw

I’ve written on a bit about the Omni Faceting Machine head design in my GemologyOnline post. One thing that I noted was the Omni Facet Head has the index pin on the bottom of the head. At the time I … Continue reading

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Omni Faceting Head Details

Here are some photos of the Omni Faceting Head. This first view shows the Faceting Head with the black Encoder. The large blue knob is the Coarse Height Adjustment which moves the head up and down the outer sleeve with … Continue reading

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