Omni Faceting Head Details

Here are some photos of the Omni Faceting Head.

This first view shows the Faceting Head with the black Encoder. The large blue knob is the Coarse Height Adjustment which moves the head up and down the outer sleeve with a rack-and-pinion design. The small gold knob in the middle is the height adjustment locking knob. The gold knob at the top of the Mast is the Fine Height Adjustment – it has about 1/2″ of adjustment ability.

Omni Faceting Head Encoder Side view

This is the other side of the Omni Faceting Head showing the Coarse Angle Adjustment knob (large blue knob) and the Cheater (small gold knob near the bottom right of the head). Notice the Fine Angle Adjustment system – the finely-threaded screw that contacts the projection just below it.

Omni Faceting Head Angle Lock Side view

A more detailed view of the Fine Angle Adjustment system.

Omni Faceting Head Fine Angle Adjuster detail

Here is a face-on view of the Quill and Index Wheel. The Index Wheel can be changed by undoing the two screws on the face. Note the orange ball – it’s the tip of the Cheater and Free-Wheel pin. It’s engaged at the 96 Index right now. You can see the Cheater knob quite clearly.

Omni Faceting Head Quill and Index Wheel detail

And finally, here’s a view of the rack-and-pinion side of the sleeve.

Omni Faceting Head Rack-and-Pinion system view

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