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45 Degree Angle Dop

Mike also made me a custom 45 degree angle adapter for cutting and polishing the table on stones. You can read about the issues with the original Omni-e angle dop supplied by Jersey Instruments on this post 45 Degree Angle … Continue reading

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120 Index Gear

My friend Mike made me a custom 120 Index Gear for my Omni-e. Jersey Instruments does not make a 120 Index Gear and told me that the gear pitch was too small to manufacture. This index gear is machined from … Continue reading

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Resolving the Swing Arm Alignment Problem

Well, this is the way I’ve managed to get rid of the alignment problems between the Base Plate, Swing Arm, Mast and Platen assemblies. A bit extreme, but it definitely gets rid of at least 3 separate intractable alignment issues. … Continue reading

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Stone #2 on New Quill

I can now safely say that I’m very pleased with the new quill, and that it improves my cutting considerably. This now makes my Omni faceting machine almost worth keeping. I cut a small Afghan Blue Tourmaline this time, using … Continue reading

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New Stainless Steel Collet Quill

I received my new stainless steel collet quill just before New Years and finally had a chance to install it and test it out. I received 2 quills, one of which was installed in my yoke. You can read about … Continue reading

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New Quill Pictures

Well, unfortunately due to the holiday rush and extreme weather we’ve been having on the West Coast, I didn’t get the new quill in time for the break. I’m disappointed but given the weather – we’ve got 2-1/2′ of snow … Continue reading

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New Design Quill Update

Just updating the site so people don’t think I’ve forgotten. I’m hoping to get my new stainless-steel collet quill before Christmas. Mike has been overloaded with work and since this isn’t a rush it’s been on the back-burner. Once I … Continue reading

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My Custom Omni-E Splash Pan

Here’s a quick pictoral guide to how I created my $5 custom splash pan for my Omni-E faceting machine. This is a more detailed set of pictures and instructions than in my blog post $5 + 2 Hours = New … Continue reading

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Quill Runout Update

It’s been a while since I have had some time to work on the site. During the past few weeks I’ve taken apart my Omni faceting head and photographed it. I will be posting photos of the process hopefully in … Continue reading

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New Spindle Has Arrived!

As I wrote about in my New Spindle Design post, I have designed what I think is a better Spindle and Platen for my Omni faceting machine. And it’s just arrived today! I’ll write more later, but here are a … Continue reading

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