Omni Disassembly First Steps

This section details how to disassemble the various parts of the Omni Faceting Machine.

Note: Disassembling your machine will void your warranty. I am in no way responsible for any eventualities should you decide to disassemble your machine.

First steps:

  1. Remove and drain the water drip tank. Drain all water from the Splash Pan and dry it. DO NOT POUR WATER INTO THE SPLASH PAN TO WASH IT OUT! YOU WILL FLOOD YOUR BEARINGS! Remove the drain hose.
  2. Unplug the electrical cord.
  3. Disconnect the Encoder on the Faceting Head. You will need to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the cable hold-downs on the Faceting Head so you can remove the wires connecting the Encoder to the Control Box.
    Encoder Cable Connector and Cable holder

    Encoder Cable Holder under Quill

  4. Carefully lift the Faceting Head off the Mast. Be careful as there is a ball bearing at the top of the mast which may go rolling off into the distance. Place the Faceting Head down somewhere safe, where it can’t fall or have things dropped on it. Put the ball bearing somewhere safe.
    Ball Bearing at the top of the Mast

You now are ready to start disassembling the rest of the Omni.

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