It’s Live!

Well, after quite a few hours of fiddling and some last-minute technical trouble-shooting of the web hosting, the website is finally up and running!

Thank-you to those who have seen and help guided this site during is conception and development phase. Without your feedback and advice this site would not be nearly as complete.

For everyone else – please read and enjoy. I hope that the information and photos I’ve posted here can help others resolve any problems they’ve been having with their Omni Faceting Machine. I had hoped that such a site wouldn’t be necessary, but my personal experience and discussions with other Omni owners showed otherwise.


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2 Responses to It’s Live!

  1. David Dawson says:

    The site looks great Allan…very informational!


  2. dshadle says:

    I’m a beginner and have an Omni on order right now however after all of this I’m in a holding pattern. Clearly, as many have stated, the OMNI is constantly being improved/upgraded as one hopes is being done to any product. The goal of course on both sides of the fence should be to make the machine better and provide a good quality machine to everyone. IMHO the logical thing here should be for the manufacturer JI to send Allan a new machine with all of the upgrades. Allow Allan to retake a close look at it and see if in fact all the improvements that were supposed to have been done have in fact been completed.

    I for one will be on the fence until something along these lines happens as I’m not interested in getting buried in problems.

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