Redwing+5 Lap

Okay, just a quick post to gloat a bit…

Gearloose recently was asked to make a custom run of his old Redwing laps – with a twist. He changed the BATT center to his BA5T formula and christened them the Redwing+5. The initial run sold out very quickly despite not being advertised, only mentioned on the Gemology Online forum. I had to do everything in the book to avoid buying one of these laps and was painfully relieved when the last one sold. I’m surprised my tongue didn’t fall off after being bitten for so long.

Feedback from the users of these laps was great – fast and a joy to use, as my experience with other Gearloose products. People are using 8k diamond on the copper for pre-polish and making meets (yes, 8k is able to move the facets efficiently) and 100k or 200k on the BA5T center for polishing. I sighed and reminded myself how responsible I was for not buying one of these laps.

Anyhow he then decided to make a second small run of these laps due to popular demand. And I caved like a little boy in an ice-cream factory.

I just received my very own one of these extremely limited-run items and have to show it off. It’s a thing of beauty!

Now the trick is to find some time to actually use it…

Please note: both runs of these laps are completely sold out. Contact Jon at if you are interested in purchasing one of these laps. You may be able to convince him to do another run.

The Redwing+5 box label

The Redwing+5 Faceting Lap - Copper with BA5T Center. Thanks Gearloose!

The Redwing+5 Faceting Lap - Copper with BA5T Center. Thanks Gearloose!

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  1. allan says:

    News Flash! Jon is making another small (6?) run of these Redwing+5 laps. If you’re at all interested in getting one, I’d jump now…

    You can read the thread about it on the Gemology Online forum here:
    Gemology Online – Remember the Redwing?

    Good luck!


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