My Newest Favorite Lap – the GreenWing!

Okay, I actually made this video and posted it on Gemology Online some months back, but just realized I’d forgotten to post it here. Jon Rolfe of has been hard at work formulating a number of new laps over the past months. I am a very happy customer of his, and am absolutely amazed by the new Greenway Chrome Oxide composite polishing lap, and the GreenWing.

I’m in the process of cutting some stones this holiday break (gasp!) and I just LOVE the GreenWing – it now means I’m down to 2 laps to cut and polish stones! I use a plated 600 to rough and make the general meetpoints, then follow up with the GreenWing charged with 3000 diamond on the BATT ring to make the final meets before polishing with straight water on the Greenway center.

It’s fabulous on Tourmaline and Garnets – try it, you’ll like it!

BTW – I am just a very happy customer of Jon’s, I’m not a dealer and receive no benefit from writing this, other than encouraging Jon to keep up the innovation and make more amazing faceting equipment.

So, here’s the Quicktime video of Charging the GreenWing with 3000 grit Diamond:

And here’s me using the charged GreenWing to complete the meets and polish the pavilion of a bi-coloured Afghan Tourmaline (a surprise present for my spouse’s birthday this year). While it looks like I’m moving the stone over both the charged BATT and Greenway portion in the same sweep, I’m not – it’s the facet towards the outside of the lap I’m cutting.

And here’s the final results, with fingerprints!

Bi-Colour Afghan Tourmaline

Bi-Colour Afghan Tourmaline

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