Omni-e Drip Tank

In response to a question posted elsewhere (I’ve moved it to this page), here are some photos and comments about the drip tank configuration for my Omni-e faceting machine.

Since I have dismantled my Omni-e and done significant modifications, I have used some older photos that I took in the beginning. I am unable to locate the original drip tank to take specific photos but these should help.

Note here that the drip tank is mounted on a hollow post that is attached to the base. The drip tank container has a corresponding metal post screwed and sealed into the middle of the plastic which fits into the hollow post. This container holds about 500ml (1 pint)  of water.

You can barely see through the front wall of the plastic a bright circle and then a yellowish patch in the middle. The yellowish patch is sealant around a screw holding the post to the water container. If memory serves me correctly the bright circle is a wide washer which reinforces the plastic where the screw goes through.

Omni-e Drip Tank Spout Detail

Here you can see the front of the container where the drip spout is fastened and sealed to the drip tank.

From the description in your comment, it sounds like you have a different drip tank configuration. I hope you are able to find a solution to your issue.


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4 Responses to Omni-e Drip Tank

  1. woodbehr says:

    Water Reservoir leaking

    Hi – just got an Omni, about 6 mos. old.

    Have a question regarding the water reservoir. The new machine has a hole in the bottom of the water reservoir that should be fitting firmly over the access to the drip mechanism for the laps. However, it seems that the tube leading through the bottom of the container is too short and not making a good seal.

    It’s leaking and I was wondering if anyone else has been having a problem with this?

    The only possible solution I see, is to use a silicon seal at the bottom of the container and the container’s shelf. This essentially makes the reservoir a permanent fixture of the machine.

    If anyone has similar problems or has a suggestion I’d appreciate any input. Thanks


  2. allan says:

    Hi Dale – sorry to hear about your problems. I’ve created this page so you can see some photos of the tank configuration on my Omni. However it sounds like yours is different.

    I had to move your comment to this post so you may not be able to find it – here the link:

    Good luck,


  3. woodbehr says:

    Hi Allan

    Thanks for the info & pics. When I next go to my next class, where my Omni is located, I’ll take some pics to post of the newer design. From what I’ve found out, your pics show the older design of the the water tank. I had asked Charlie about that and he related that there were problems with the design and my machine has the newer design.

    I think our problem is now solved with the silicon sealant around the base of the container where it sits on a raised platform, at least I hope so.

    I also want thank David, for sending me the PDF of the Omni instruction booklet, that I didn’t get with my machine.

  4. woodbehr says:

    Well I got some pics of the newer water tank design. Finally got the water to stop leaking from around the water reservoir with silicon sealant, but last night in class noticed a small drip from the underneath the reservoir support where it attaches to the support post. Still working on getting that fixed.

    Not sure how to attach a pic in a blog to show the difference in new design and the older model.

    I have to say other than reservoir leak, I am very happy with the machine, perhaps it’s my newness to faceting, but I’m not doing competitions, just trying to learn how and to do my best at it.

    Did finish my first stone – smokey quartz 6.54cts 11mm square cut. Not sure if it has a particular name for the cut, but it’s quite brilliant and best of all I’m very happy with it.

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