TuneUp Media Sucks (not faceting-related)

Ok, I have to get this off my chest.

I purchased a software utility that works with iTunes to clean up the music library back in December. I purchased their Gold/Lifetime option.

Today I tried running it and was forced to upgrade to the latest version. In that version I find a function has been removed, and a new function added. However, to use that new function, DeDuper, I have to pay additional money.

Somehow TuneUp Media has figured out that a Lifetime license doesn’t mean that you get any upgrades to the software for free. They also think that Lifetime means they can remove functionality from the software at whim.

Despite over a month of complaints and various media/Twitter/Facebook campaigns, the company still does not think their early Lifetime customers really deserve what was sold to them.

So just a warning… if you’re considering buying TuneUp to clean up your music library, be prepared to be screwed over in the future.


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