Return to the Intertubes – eNom Sucks

Well, after over a year’s absence Omnifaceter is back on the internet! I am happy that this resource is once again available to those need to adjust and repair these machines.

I was forced to change the domain from to because my domain registrar, eNom, has basically stolen my domain and refuses to transfer, release or renew it.

Long story short, my web host was hacked and as a result the eNom account was locked. Now eNom refuses to allow my web host access to the account, and will not transfer the domains to a different registrar. So I have no way to renew or transfer the domain to a place where I can use it.

This has been going on since at least July last year. Short of legal action, eNom is not going to give me my domain back. This is out-and-out theft as it’s pretty easy for me to show I owned the domain.

Avoid eNom like the plague.

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